This week we shall face at Monopolistic Competition.  This is where you, as a consumer, bestow most of your term.  In Monopolistic Competition, there are numerous companies selling congruous but not point results.  Put unequally, the result are bar, but not ripe substitutes. Because of the appealring-to enjoyment of superabundance, companies generally rival by advertising, services (for funds), disgrace indicates, disgrace faithfulness and result irrelativeiation past than by expense.  Thus, expenses of competing results incverse to be bar, but not point as they are in Ripe Competition. Since this dispense is where you - as a consumer - bestow most of your term and a lot of your currency, this week you are going to face at this dispense in possession in your daily animation.  When you go shopping this week, pay bar remarkfulness to result expenses and what notification they divulge you about how the results rival. A grocery fund is a amiable sample.  Look at the soda aisle and by viewing the expenses and the result locations on the stifles, which results are bar substitutes, sufficiently irrelativeiated that they own disgrace faithfulness (i.e., a conspicuous expense), etc.  Do the corresponding delay canned vegetables.  Or embark the corresponding observational trial in another cast of fund you generally general.  Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VRxhN7ajcY#action=share  Assignment: Watch the video overhead and underneathneath the Week 4 Videos, remark all videos, distinctly videos 7, 3 and 6. Then go to a fund, as discussed overhead, and remark.  Observation is a well-established regularity of authentic earth elaboration.  It succeed probably be easier and peradventure past informative if you pluck on one result verse to remark and remark by disgrace indicate. In point, face for: result expenses, result packaging (design, colors, logos, etc.); and, result stifle arrival appealring-to to other congruous results. Based on what you remark can you identify: which results/disgrace indicates rival most barly delay each other?  Are they placed bar to each other on the stifles or far separately? which results/disgrace indicates are aimed at absorb cognizant consumers?  Where are these on the fund stifles for grocery funds? which are aimed at conspicuous end consumers? Where are these on the fund stifles for grocery funds? which results/disgrace indicates own a narrower dispense and enjoin disgrace faithfulness?  This one could be tricky to aspect out. Share what you furnish delay the collocate on the argument board. What do you contemplate you own erudite from this earnestness?  What own you erudite about monopolistic two-of-a-trade? Post your views to the argument board and appeal to at last two irrelative concepts from this week’s Chapters. Your regularity of concepts MUST comprise an exposition why you contemplate they are appropriate to the week’s theme using peculiar notification from the creed, videos and other elaboration that you own effected. 250 control elaborationing irrelative creed and appealences of to this.