Final Disc 8

By now, you should feel a amiable-natured-natured construction what it takes to engineer thorough and punish requirements, protect contrivance  and protect principle. You are to-boot unguarded to regularity proficiency techniques. Now you are in a amiable-natured-natured standing to criticise or zest systems that feel triped in the spent. Search the web for an model(s) of software outgrowth plans which triped. There conciliate be divers.  Pick one which interests you. Briefly shaft your resume of the triped plan. Be positive to affect up on the forthcoming points: Why did it trip? Was it deficient requirements, deficient contrivance, deficient coding and deficient testing, validation & genuineness? Did it trip accordingly of plan and program treatment? Did it prosper amiable-natured-natured promise techniques? Did the plan pay vigilance to protect contrivance and coding? OERs DHS. (2007). Software Assurance: A Curriculum Guide to the Common Body of Knowledge to Produce, Acquire, and Sustain Protect Software. Retrieved from: . Chapter 6 Secure Software Contrivance Pages 89 - 107 Chapter 7  Secure Software Construction Pages 109 - 125  OWASP. (2010). Secure Coding Practices. Retrieved from: Carnegie-Mellon University CERT. (n.d.). SEI CERT Coding Standards (n.d.).Retrieved from:   Microsoft. (n.d.).  Secure Coding Guidelines. Retrieved from: Due Sep 1st