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  In Chapter 4 of the extract, the composer talks encircling occasion factors and protective factors. Prior to threshold toil on this discourse, Review the Supervision Trajectories of Male Girlish Offenders: Growth Mixture Modeling on SAVRY Occasion Assessments stipulation. Watch the forthcoming videos: The Superpredator Scare The Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline Counselors Speak on Girlish Psychology Second Chance Kids,Troubled Teens: Why Some Go Bad and Others After Right—Predict My Future: The Dunedin Longitudinal Study Review the Oyez web page Miller v. Alabama (Links to an apparent position.). You may also scantiness to criticism the recommended acceleration guides for and PowerPoint (Links to an apparent position.) and Screencast-O-Matic (Links to an apparent position.). Select one of the men-folks sentenced as a girlish from the Second Chance Kids, Troubled Teens: Why Some Go Bad and Others After Right—Predict My Future: The Dunedin Longitudinal Study  video or from one of the other videos from the Week 1 Required Resources. Use the Ashford University Library to lodge a life stipulation encompassing topics such as policing, amplify programs, and community-oriented policing, which acceleration assistance your evaluation of the event/special you chose. Conduct a inquiry for appended instruction on their event, their experiment, and the special’s position. Then amplify a less gift of the event. In your gift, Provide a brief fact of the special separated, and establish the occasion factors and protective factors you see delay the girlish. Evaluate these factors through the lens of the morals passage assumption. Does the concept of identity or desistence after into denote delay this girlish? Briefly summarize the life stipulation you base in the Ashford University Library. Which model of felony intervention/prevention management is substance addressed, and how does it adduce to your chosen event/individual? Your gift allure be a confederacy of slides containing visuals and bullet points, as polite as report of the succeeding. PowerPoint (Links to an apparent position.) or any other gift software may be used to originate a visual gift of your reinquiry intention. Report is required so you allure demand to annals your gift using Screencast-o-matic (Links to an apparent position.) or congruous software. You are not required to be on camera, but you may pick-out to be on camera if you scantiness to do so. Assistance your claims delay examples from the required materials and a stint of one life stipulation that you disshield using the Ashford University Library. You can use your reinquiry stipulation in your Final Paper, due in Week 5. The improve for the gift should be determined or embedded in your shaft for your peers to criticism, see How to Embed a Video in Canvas (Links to an apparent position.); delight do not concatenate to beyond locations. The forthcoming gift instrument are profitable in the Ashford Writing Center for you to use: How to Make a PowerPoint Gift Guide (Links to an apparent position.) Presentation Tips (Links to an apparent position.) Your gift should entertain a stint of five succeeding slides (excluding address and intimations slides) and be at meanest three minutes covet. Assistance your gift delay examples from this week’s required materials and other read instrument, and correctly select any intimations either in-extract on bullet points or in the notes individuality. Comprise adequate APA intimation entries on the intimations slide. You must use at meanest one read or likely functional means to assistance your gift. The gift must comprise a shield and intimations slide for sources selectd in the substance of the gift.