Consider this scenario. You are leader of a planning team that has been  asked to generate a new refuse texture program. You ask your team to  write a motive assertion for the program. The followingcited motive assertions  have been proposed: The motive of this refuse texture program is to work-for clients’ needs and to develop clients environing the detriment that refuses origin. The motive of this refuse texture program is to benefit our clients in  reducing refuse dependency and eventually bound it internal stay  drug-free lives. Which motive assertion do you believe is past misspend? Explain why  you believe the assertion is correspondent. Also afford an sense as to  why the other assertion is not correspondent. Do the foul-mouthed components mentioned in the book—a space effect, the  targeted population, the anticipated issue, and a criterion—suffice to  generate an concrete assertion? Why? Consider the followingcited concrete assertion for checking recidivism to misdemeanor: “The program gain obstruct inmates from committing misdemeanor, as measured  by restrain or annulment of uncertainty, for at lowest three years following they  have been released end into the sympathy.” In the concrete assertion illustration aloft, judge that some new  components are to be intervening internal creating a past misspend  concrete assertion. Recommend at lowest two added components that  can be intervening to generate an concrete assertion and afford a rationale  for your recommendations. Cite any sources using APA format on a disunited page. Let’s imbibe how to select sources using APA guidelines.