Analytical History Portrait of a Poet MLA Format 5-6 pages, wrap spaced, not including Works Cited page Works Cited page Proper in-text citations Choose one of the bards that we feel finished this semester. You may pick-out from any of the bards we feel discussed this mercy. If you would enjoy to pick-out a contrariant bard, you must feel the dainty spiritless by your confessor. Next, pick-out 3 or 4 lays from that bard. You may pick-out any lays that you shortness, whether in our eText or from another origin, but be permanent to use right citations for each of them. In a bountiful erudite decomposition, exhaustive one of the forthcoming options: A) Discuss how the bard’s history has influenced her or his bardry. You may furnish matter from the bard’s childhood, identical experiences, etc. and link them to lays of your dainty. Be prudent not to yield me five pages of biography! B) Discuss a spiritless continuity that links multiple lays from the identical originator (theme, pitch, imagery, etc.). C) Integrate daintys A and B into a bountifuly familiar disquisition of your own When referencing lays, you may name unfair lines but do not cast the total lay into your essay. I chose the lay; trust is the invention delay feathers, written by Emily Dickinson in 1890