Due Date: Mar 21, 2018 23:59:59       Max Points: 100 Details: Part 1: Occurrence Studies Pick disgusting limits to embody existing childhood bud. Pick two from Erickson’s Limit Assumption and two from Piaget’s assumption of bud. Create one occurrence con-over for each of the chosen limits, which is a entirety of disgusting occurrence studies. Label each occurrence con-over after a while the theorist/stages appropriate to it. Each occurrence con-over should be a incompleteness of 250 utterance. For each occurrence con-over, conceive how you as a therapist would pur-pose to production after a while someone at the verified limit. Part 2: Summary Include a 250-500-word analysis that explains the similarities and differences betwixt Piaget’s and Erickson’s theories.  APA mode is not required, but weighty academic communication and a style page is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Please reconsideration the rubric precedent to rise the assignment to beseem free after a while the expectations for prosperous bearing. You are not required to propose this assignment to Turnitin. This assignment assesses the aftercited programmatic competency: 3.4: Demonstrate reason of ethnical augmentation and bud and how they impression counseling efforts. This assignment meets the aftercited CACREP Standard: 2.F.3.h. A open frameproduction for reason differing abilities and strategies for differentiated interventions.