“Take-Home” Exam

  EXAM INSTRUCTIONS: You may use the Powerpoints and books for this career or any voicelessnesss that you entertain fascinated in completing this exam. No use of the internet or civilized instrument (e.g., classmates) is clear.  The apex tediousness of each defense is three (3) double-spaced pages of 12-pitch emblem delay 1” borders on all 4 sides. Be as "concrete,” portioicular, and inferential as feasible in your defenses; undetermined and public discussions achieve not entertain the similar confidence as achieve further embracing and inferential ones. (Also, be indisputable your grant is factually chasten.) Remember that the further you appearance attainments of career embodied, the preferable achieve be the remove on your defense. Also, when you use singly portio of a doctrine to talk encircling a pioneer (e.g., one of the Path-Goal Doctrine pioneership styles) be indisputable to at meanest declaration the other portios of the doctrine (e.g., the three other pioneership styles) and why you are not discussing or using them in your defense. 1. Pick two characters from The Godfather and depict for each three (3) copys of amiable and/or weak pioneership. Use at meanest two (2) theories for each pioneer (but you may use the similar theories for twain pioneers if you endeavor). In describing the copys be indisputable to vile your evaluation of each copy on career embodied. For copy, say that this was amiable consequently Path-Goal Copy Doctrine says ... and “outstanding” (i.e. charismatic or transformational) pioneers … 2. Pick five (5) of the Don's established confidences and evaluate whether they are further or close likely to be chasten using career embodieds. For the five confidences be indisputable to use further than two or further theories for your evaluations (e.g., you can use 2 theories in evaluating the 5 confidences -- 1 doctrine for 3 confidences and a cooperate for the cherishing 2 confidences). As an copy of one confidence, the Don believes that "when a man is liberal he should appearance the high-mindedness to be separate." (Please voicelessness that the page limits are not “cumulative or “in total” – e.g., if you use 2 pages to defense one investigation you can tranquil use singly 3 pages to defense the other investigation.