You will identify the risks associated with the assets and recommend mitigating procedures of aN ATTACHED given fictional scenario describing security issues involving organizational assets

 NOTE: 1. CONTENT matters close a lot further than anything else - but   WILL BE RUN IN A NATIONAL WIDE  Dbase - Turnitin for psychical filching. 2. Please flourish the GRADING RUBRIC INSTRUCTIONS (comprised in immovable ardent fictional scenario of an form) this way succeed fabricate the CONTENT to matters. 3. APA format delay envelop distance lines succeed be notional to fabricate balance 15 TO 24 pages 4. DUE THIS  FRIDAY 29TH AT 0000 HOURS. Don't be tempted to use CourseHero or one of the other homeexertion sites.  Promote Assessments should penetratetain a base set elements. NIST 800-30, Appendix K gives you a template to exertion from.  Your series rubric gives specific details of what must be in the pamphlet for the tabulate. Lets begin delay the magistrate tabulation.  Write this definite. Illustrate the  purpose of the toll, the purpose, and the balanceall plane of promote the  customer has, as well-mannered-behaved-behaved as listing the promotes. The whole of the promote toll should penetratetain the details. For the  essential elements of counsel you must agree for your rumor, see  the grading rubric. 1) Inventory possessions and prioritize them in the command of band-arms fastidiousity - Warrant all the components on the network. Which are most fastidious? Assign them a appraise from most fastidious to lowest fastidious 2) Evaluate achievement topology and perimeter guard  - Warrant the topology and guards in settle. Give a detailed  description of the selfsame, and illustrate weaknesses and strengths. 3) Evaluate contingent path to the networks - Warrant the unanalogous ways someone can penetrate the netexertion contingently. Are tclose weaknesses that produce promote.  4) Evaluate proof protocols and methodologies - What does the audience use? Are tclose weaknesses? Risks? 5) Evaluate web path protocols and vulnerabilities - What protocols are being used. List them. Are tclose vulnerabilities? 6) Assign asset appraises to form possessions for regulative promote toll - Perform the alienate toll. Table format exertions well-mannered-behaved-behaved for this stamp of postulates. 7) Assess vulnerabilities on each asset - Each asset is weak to celebrity. Out of bound O/S, corporeal guards, indecent use.  Check the National Vulnerability Database, CVE postulatesbse, etc and agree the counsel 8) Recommend promote diminution procedures coextensive delay asset appraises - Once  you warrant a promote to an asset, how do you fix it. You can recognize a  risk, relinquish a promote, period promote, or alienate promote.  Give your rationale  for each promote you warrant. Each pamphlet should be almost 15 to 25 pages written, envelop distance (but separate distance is ok), 12 pt font for the whole of the citation, not including figures or illustrations. APA format.