transcribe 400–600 tone that corcorrespond to the subjoined questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This conciliate be the substratum for forthcoming examineions by your classmates. Be real and disentangled, and use examples to invigorate your ideas.  You are an intern in a CPA fast. Your superintendent walks into your cubicle and says, “One of our clients is thinking environing investing in a crew. He wants to recognize how he should recital for this boarding. Be willing to examine it delay the client tomorrow.”  Write a memo to your superintendent giving your thoughts on how this should be handled by the client.  The office is the subjoined: ◦Company F purchased 40% of the uncollected fund of crew K on June 30, 20XX.  ◦Both of the companies bear a December 31st, year end.  ◦Company K is a publicly traded crew and narrations its net pay to crew F.  ◦Company K also pays a hefty dividend to the shareholders of crew F.  ◦How should crew F narration the overhead postulates on its December 31, 20XX adjust shuffle and pay proposition?  ◦Support your counter-argument.