Community health

What are the differences among original, inferior, and tertiary interruption? Give an illustration of each, and sift-canvass which you conceive is the most able in fraternity vigor and vigor furtherance. Please grasp the designate of the individual or scrutiny to which you are replying in the theme direction. For illustration, "Tom's vindication to Susan's note." ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW  Marilyn: The differences among the three interruptions is that (1) Original hinder one from getting the sickness.  An illustration  of original interruption is vigor advice.  (2) Inferior interruption detects sickness existing and hinders it from getting worse without-delay succeeding impairment or sickness happens.  An illustration of inferior interruption is an x-ray to administration out a dislocation.  (3) Tertiary interruption helps delay career by managing a constant sickness and reducing the symptoms of a sickness he, or she already entertain.   An illustration of tertiary interruption is a cancer enduring receiving chemotherapy.  In my impression, original interruption is the most able in fraternity vigor and vigor furtherance due to there efforts contest to hinder impairment or sickness anteriorly they supervene.  By striving to hinder these things from happening, we can produce communities happier and vigorier.