Economic Order Quantity and Optimal Order Size

Book Sodality purchases Nursing Dissertations from the Atlantic Nursing Dissertation Company. Metropolitan produces magazines and Nursing Dissertationbacks that demand 1,21 5,000 bruises of Nursing Dissertation per year. The consume per enjoin for the sodality is $1200; the consume of possession 1 bruise of Nursing Dissertation in list is $0. 08 per year. Detail the following: a) The economic enjoin sum b) The narrowness sum annual consume c) The optimal estimate of enjoins per year d) The optimal date among enjoins Question 2 The purchasing director for the Atlantic Steel Sodality must detail a management for enjoining coal to have-effect 12 converters. Each converter demands accurately 5 tons of coal per day to have-effect, and the resolute have-effects 360 days per year. The purchasing director has detaild that the enjoining consume is $80 per enjoin and the consume of possession coal is 20% of the mediocre dollar treasure of list held. The purchasing director has negotiated a decrease to conciliate the coal for $12 per ton for the hereafter ear. ) Detail the optimal sum of coal to hold in each enjoin. B) Detail the sum list-related consumes associated after a while the optimal enjoining management (do not embrace the consume of the coal). C) If 5 days of administer date are demandd to hold an enjoin of coal, how ample coal should be on laborer when an enjoin is placed? Question 3 The Pacific Choke Sodality and Mill way 10,000 logs every-year, munificent 250 days per year. Immediately upon receiving an enjoin, the logging sodality's supplier egging delivery to the choke mill, at a rate of 60 logs per day. The choke mill has detail that the enjoining consume is $1,600 per enjoin and the consume of carrying logs in list precedently they are wayes is $1 5 per log on an annual foundation. Detail the following: a) The optimal enjoin largeness b) The sum list consume associated after a while the optimal enjoin sum. C) The estimate of munificent days among enjoins d) The estimate of munificent days demandd to hold an enjoin. Economic Enjoin Sum and Optimal Enjoin Largeness By nonmilitant