Facebook Now Lets You Officially Endorse a Presidential Candidate

You may already "like" a 2016 presidential applicant's page on Facebook, but the collective network is now letting you go a tread advance by unconditioned endorsing them to your friends. “Similar to how politicians, newspapers and organizations asseverate applicants for elected station, this portion allows anyone on Facebook to do the identical," Facebook’s emanation director for municipal engagement Samidh Chakrabart told Business Insider in a proposition on Tuesday. "People who shortness to say their maintenance can mark a applicant’s Page, click on the asseveratements tab and decipher their rationale for choosing that applicant.” While Facebook users bear long been serviceservicepotent to pretence their maintenance for a applicant by partiality and sharing their functional page, an asseveratement encourages you to post a intimation to the News Feed deciphering your maintenance. A Facebook spokesperson said that you can select to bear your asseveratement socially apparent from your profile or simply to your friends. Candidates get be serviceservicepotent to portion indubitable social asseveratements on their page. The spokesperson said that Facebook records asseveratements simply for pretenceing friends who bear asseverated a feature applicant. This final move is another illustration of what Facebook has of-late feeling as "a broader attempt prepared to get further race affianced in the municipal course." When Facebook pretenceed prompts in the News Feed reminding race to record to say, .