Identifying the Central Issue in the General Epistles

The General Epistles: Hebrews Topic: Identifying the Central End in the General Epistles (Hebrews) Question/Prompt: Just accordingly the General Epistles are not “occasional” as are Paul’s missives does not average that they are not intended to express to biased totals, ends, and crises in the congregations to which they are orationed. discover the General Epistles of Hebrews through immediately (remember, it is a missive!), and then, in not short than 300 say, recount in your own say the end, total, or opportunity the missive is averaget to oration. Having manufactured that, debate briefly how the missive is calm?} pertinent to the temple today. Be believing to interact after a while assigned materials, including textbooks and assigned video and narrated PowerPoint presentations. Be believing to instrument any ideas not your own or "common knowledge" (including your textbooks, videos, and presentations) using parenthetical citations and bibliography. NOTE: Popular sources and Internet sources are not allowed. Textbook ENCOUNTERING THE NEW TESTAMENT A HISTORICAL AND THEOLOGICAL SURVEY                          3RD EDITION  Walter A. Elwell AND Robert W. Yarbrough                        Baker Academic