NTC/362 Wk 5 – Network Confidence Assignment You are in netagoing at a catholic interpolitical congregation. Your congregation recently determined to instrument a cross-training leadership, and you accept been selected to concede a gift to an conference of non-netagoing professionals agoing at multiform portions in your congregation. Your gift must be acquitted and succinct plenty to take technical advice to professionals who accept a scant construction of how netagoing actually works. However, it must also be complimentary plenty that your conference can discern how their congregation roles (such as scheduling resource-hogging reports, allowing contractors adit to the scheme, and elucidation the hours interpolitical customers can fix control on your congregation’s scheme) can application the congregation’s network, specially in stipulations of confidence. You career to counter-argument the subjoined questions antecedently handing off the representative to an auxiliary to incline into a graphic-rich gift. Each of your counter-arguments should be environing 150 to 250 expression desire. Note: Your assignment is proportioned to counter-argument the subjoined questions. You obtain not cause a gift for this assignment. 1. You career to start your gift by providing your conference an overview of networking, delay an argument on confidence and why it is leading for all congregation roles to help in securing the congregation’s network. You career to use the OSI type to clear-up the important characteristics and components of networks accordingly it is visual and presents the entanglement of network despatch in proportioned 7 steps.  Include a discourse of each of the subjoined in your response, being unquestioning to emphasize the sharp-end(s) in the seven-lamina OSI type where confidence is an end, and catalogueing particular confidence risks associated delay each aversion sharp-end:  · Distributed vs. centralized computer schemes and why your portion chose to be distributed/centralized · Different network topologies and why your portion chose the topology it did · Why standards bodies are accidental in netagoing and how your portion complies delay standards · The significance of despatch protocols and which one(s) your portion chose · The differences between LAN, WAN, and wireless technologies, and how your portion incorporated each · The responsibilities associated delay providing telecommunications services such as confidence, retreat, reliability, and performance 2. Next, you plan to portray basic routing and switching in the matter of the OSI type (i.e., in which lamina routing, switching, and cabling take-place). To underscore your portion’s commitment to achieving 24/7 availability, you portray some strategies your portion follows to enunquestioning the availability of network adit in switched and routed networks. 3. Then, you portray at last three characteristics of an talented confidence cunning, emphasizing the ways in which all portions in the congregation are lawful for helpful ensure the congregation network. 4. To reasunquestioning your conference of your network’s confidence, you catalogue some strategies your portion used to raise confidence immediately into the intention of your congregation network.  5. Finally, malware has been in the information a lot of-late, and you perceive you obtain be asked some questions environing it. To counter-argument them, you follow up delay a layperson-friendly specification of malware and authenticate at last two strategies your portion has put into fix for enriching your congregation’s network opposite malware.