Week 7 Homework Quiz

Business Valuations - Homework ES 1. (TCO G) A valuation negotiative who holds a CVA has the credentials of a: (Points : 2) Continuous valuation analyst. Absorb valuation of goods. x Certified valuation analyst. None of the overhead is punish 2. (TCO G) If a distributeholder in a air-tight held profession sells his or her store, the valuation negotiative naturally would: (Points : 2) Increase the treasure subordinately to get the boy possessor out of the profession. Do a model negotiative valuation in which the boy profit offspring is ignored. Discount the treasure subordinately to heed the adulterated treasure of nature a boy profit holder. Always use a truthful absorb account segregation to engage conservatism into proposition. None of the overhead is punish. 3. (TCO G) The most often certain manners of profession valuation use some conceive of: (Points : 2) Counterpoise equivocation segregation. Historical absorb account. Book treasure manner. x Income proposition entrance. 4. (TCO G) The conclusions presented in FASB No. 157 subsistence which FASB Conceptual Framework? (Points : 2) FASB Conceptual Framework No. 2 FASB Conceptual Framework No. 6 FASB Conceptual Framework No. x All of the overhead None of the overhead 5. (TCO G) The greater profession valuation form that has plain impenetrable profession valuation models is: (Points : 2) The National Association of Profession Valuation Analysts (NACVA) The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) The Institute of Profession Appraisers, Inc. (IBA) x All of the overhead None of the overhead 6. (TCO G) In a natural profession valuation announce, one demonstrate that is infrequently used is: (Points : 2) Limiting conditions. Definitions of valuation provisions. Proportion segregation of the assembly. Common largeness counterpoise equivocations of the assembly. None of the overhead. 7. (TCO G) "Equitable distribution" in alienate cases is driven by: (Points : 2) The Uniconceive Commercial Code nationally. x Individual narrate laws. Supreme Court rulings. Negotiative models. None of the overhead. 8. (TCO G) A "boy profit" in a profession: (Points : 2) Technically is short than a 50-percent possessorship in the profession Might be estimate short than a pro-rata distribute of the profession treasure May bear poor wave in the operations of the profession x All of the overhead None of the overhead 9. (TCO G) IRS Rev. Rul. 59-60: (Points : 2) Deals delay the valuation of air-tight held professiones Provides a schedule of eight factors that should be considered in valuing a air-tight held profession Is chiefly beneficial for valuing air-tight held professiones in enarrate and talent tax situations x All of the overhead None of the overhead 10. (TCO G) Preparing common-sized financial propositions and performing proportion analyses of financial propositions are examples of: (Points : 2) "Customizing" financial propositions. "Downsizing" financial propositions. x "Spreading" financial propositions. "Simplifying" financial propositions. None of the overhead.