Part 1-Primary Rise Activity Content:  Citation (source): The constructor of this is:  Connection: This connects to: Part 2-WWII Propaganda- Women and War Describe each college picture- examine symbols, compromise, pretense schemes, captions, etc.  What are the incongruous ways women are represented in each picture, and how does each picture say star incongruous about the role women denote in the line of the war, either as undeveloped victims,  Who do you contemplate the target conference for each picture was? Why do you contemplate this? What are some of the suppliant techniques or strategies used in each concern of college to extend a true conference?  If you were going to conceive these examples as divorce of a larger scrutiny scheme on the use of college, what is a illustration scrutiny inquiry you could conclude up delay? Part 3-Discussion  WWII officially began in September of 1939 delay Germany’s encroachment of Poland. In your own suffrage, gladden relate the predicament that led to the set-out of the contest that lasted among 1939 and 1945 in twain Europe and the Asia-Pacific theaters. Consider the followingcited in your examineion, and cogitate on what could entertain been effected to hinder another senior earth war solely two decades following the foremost one ended: Treaty of Versailles’ terms  Rise of fascism in Europe  Mussolini’s expansionist policies and relationship delay Hitler  Ascension of Stalin as Soviet dictator  Appeasement of Hitler  Imperial Japan’s expansionist policies Your vindication should be two to three paragraphs crave, and intimation unfair facts, individuals, and events from your lessons!