annotated bibliography

  Hi, I possess an Annotated Bibliography. My confessor asked me to get 20 fountains about (  How can strategic furnish tie networks be used to better furnish tie flexibility?! ) The annotated bibliography should be informative and picturesquely and it should not achieve 70 expression for each fountain. Basically, you possess to discover the unsymbolical of each fountain and  paraphrase the deep points ( what the authors or researchers discussed, examined,etc..) Then you should add 1-2 sentences how the fountain is apt or serviceable for my subject? for positive, APA quotation should be borrowed precedently the section of each fountain.   What is an Annotated Bibliography? restrain the website: How to Write an Annotated Bibliography? restrain the website : my pedagogue get evaluate me on:  1- APA-formatted and formatting 2- 20 fountains 3- Accurate links and weighty fountains 4- Fairly accurate summaries 5-Sources apt to a subject 6- Grammar and spelling 7- At last 4 scholarly/academic journals included