In adjust to know environment and population the knowing of organizing and categorizing biodiversity, biomes, and ecosystems gain add to the important knowings of what environmental threats that could possess either a overbearing or disclaiming commodities of each. Mentioned in Week One, the knowing of evolutionary relationships allows ecologist to effect predictions about favoring organisms (SUO, 2017) The categorizing of innovations and non-innovations by substantial traits, DNA technology, parentage, and 6 kingdoms are signed as-well by the philosophical nomenclature. In Week 2 it was elevate explained the ecology cast through biomes and ecosystems and the knowing of the cycles in chemicals through the ecosystem which would now fetch up ecological tenors and what population adds to.  In the aver of Kansas, there are frequent common environmental tenors which are compared to opposing the biomes and ecosystems opposing the world such as defilement, and non-native invading organisms. One in point mentioned on the Sedgwick County website titled Environmental Concerns in Sedgwick County mentioned that of Zebra Mussels or for the philosophical nomenclature, Dreissena polymorph. These organisms, “Zebra mussels are invading the soaks of Kansas…damage boats, perdition engines, obstruct pipes and screens and are disrupting ecosystems”. (Sedgwick County, 2019, para 17). The Dreissena polymorph has habitually invaded these soaks by traveling on boats through the soak and on any aquatic plants which they comprehend on to. According to the USGS, were observed and seen as infesting Kanas soaks past 2001 which possess shown a growing sympathy into 2017 in thermally depraved areas, such as Kanas, reiter-ation can befall perpetually through the year (USGS, 2018).  According to the textbook, “Population largeness fluctuates as new men-folks are born or propose into an area and others die or propose out of it”. (Simon, Dickey, Reece and Hogan, 2015, pg. 407). For the Zebra Mussels, the exponential population augmentation pattern explains how it exhibits and keeps as a growing sympathy as an environmental tenor in Kansas persomal soak areas. “Exponential population augmentation describes the expatiation of a population in an imaginary, unbounded environment”. (Simon, Dickey, Reece, and Hogan, 2015, pg. 408) In the biomes of Kansas aquatic areas enjoy its lakes are the faultless temperatures for these mussels to abide to exhibit spontaneous some actions are put into settle. Some of these preventions are cleaning boat equipment such as boats, decoy buckets, and coolers as listed on the website. It is upheld to humans as the main cause of the infestations