Bug tracking process

   There is no such art as a bug-free IT purpose. Owing bugs are a reality of IT purpose conduct, IT purpose managers must clear a rule for substantiateing, footprinting, and handling the bugs that procure inevitably befall. In adduction, owing technical and vocation requirements diversify constantly, IT purpose managers must too artfulness to log and footprint requests for new indications and functionality.  Read the subjoined linked instruments:  · - "Visual Studio - Manage Bugs": This season describes the rule of footprinting bugs in Visual Studio, a liked .NET outgrowth pomp created by Microsoft®. · - "What Is a Bug and Issue Tracking Tool?": This season describes the rule of footprinting bugs in Jira, a liked bug footprinting and purpose address hireling created by Atlassian.  Create a 3-page Microsoft® Word instrument of a bug footprinting rule for the purpose you created in the particular assignments in Weeks 2 and 3. Be believing to particularize betwixt bugs and indication requests. For this assignment, you procure singly be footprinting bugs.  Your footprinting rule must include:  · - Title of software you design using for bug footprinting (in-house exposed or third-party) · - Title of issues that procure be considered bugs (vs. indication requests) · - Title of who procure use the classification to footprint bugs · - Title of who procure warner the classification, flourish up delay the requestor as compulsory, and instrument the bug fixes · - Title of bug-related counsel (such as a sole footprinting enumerate, title, assignee, etc.) compulsory to substantiate, fix, and log bugs  Submit your completed instrument.