Environmental Law and Ethics

  Purpose of Assignment  The view of this assignment is to criticise the duties of authoritative agencies and the ethics aback regulatory obedience requirements.  Assignment Steps  Scenario: Eric is an Assistant Vice President at marine describe manufacturing settle. One day, he accidentally discovers an email from his boss, the Vice President, to the President, notifying him of an interior con-over opinion the describe leeches from the depth of boats into the marine environment. The describe has been rest to fashion rise defects in marine conduct. He to-boot sees the President's solution email, in which he directs the Vice President to efface all illustration of the con-over and utter no one. The President to-boot directs the Vice President to efface the email. Eric is careful about the opinions of the con-over, but he to-boot fears losing his job. Create a 350- to 700-word partition delay the aftercited information: Which authoritative influence governs regulatory obedience of the creator? What are the religions concerns touching the President's actions, and what do you respect Eric should do? Cite a poverty of two peer-reviewed references.