Ethical, Legal and Professional Standards in Assessment

  In this Assignment, you get investigate the ACA’s Rule of Ethics and how these practices collision toll. This functional rule identifies your responsibilities and the practices you must amalgamate to for the behoof of your clients, your colleagues, and your unity. To Prepare: Reintention ACA’s Rule of Ethics website base in the Learning Resources and investigate how they direct to your functional bud. Reintention and use the Corey, Corey, Corey, and Callanan Religions Decision-Making Standard from the conduct passage on p. 28 to order the cases on p. 37 by including each march. Reintention Exercise 2.2 Making Religions Decisions (p. 37), select two to resurvey and order through the Model, echoing each doubt. Assignment: Reintention the five cases Select two of the localitys in Exercise 2.2 in the passage to sift-canvass. Complete the prospect marchs granted in the conduct passage from the Religions Decision-Making Standard on p. 28 for twain of the localitys you chose. You do not demand to vindication the doubts at the end of each patience in Exercise 2.2. Take the subject-matter of intention of what YOU demand to do as an religions counselor, and investigate ALL perspectives in the locality, not honorable one person’s perspective. In one page each, warrant the cases you selected and comprise your responses to the marchs of the standard on p. 28 for each locality (Note: Two pages not including inscription or regard page). On page 3, add a resume article or two that shares your indivisible challenges after a while addressing the religions issues in the assignment. Use peculiar APA formatting and citations.