literature review draft (annotated bibliogrpahy attached below)

Topic: The Use of Tobacco  The literary-works revisal builds on the annotated bibliography. For the topic you chose for your annotated bibliography in Module 2, adequate the following: Go through your annotated bibliography. Based on the instruction presented in your annotated bibliography sources (and others if needed), elucidate a height assertion that, in your conviction, would be available and serviceable for you to topic. Organize your sources by sorting and classifying their findings in a meaningful way, frequently because your primary topic and height. Write a literary-works revisal that would appear to tender the first virtual for developing a good-tempered-tempered hypothetical framework, using seven to ten references. All of these can be from your annotated bibliography, or you can use others in specification to those in your annotated bibliography. Develop the hypothetical framework incorporating its basic functions as discussed in the quotation.  Generate a set of testable hypotheses established on your scrutiny topic and the hypothetical framework. Your description must include the sections outlined under. APA formatting standards must be followed throughout. The tract does not bear to be lengthy; may-be 500-600