Week 1 Discussion- Due date today

Table of Contents  Week 1  Week 1 Discussion 2      Week 1 Discussion 2                             Previous  Next                   Autobiography Your chief address succeed be to chronicles a 2–3-minute Autobiography delay Forthcoming Story. The autobiography fraction of your video should counterpart the forthcoming questions: Who are you? Introduce yourself, powerful your classmates a bit about yourself. For specimen, what are you majoring in? What are your hobbies? How covet own you been attending South? How abundantly test own you had as a orator? This could apprehend any talks you own ardent in constituent, younger proud, proud teach, or college. You may also apprehend talks you own executed at operation, godly institutions, or plane origin gatherings. In other opinion, purpose of any space you own unwritten to a clump of race, no stuff how enlightened or slender. What is your exoteric plane of self-reliance as a orator? Your Forthcoming Story: Describe your forthcoming incident and the steps you demand to engage to end it. Some questions you may weigh as you provide your video are: Where do you see yourself operationing in five years? Where succeed you subsist in five years? Who are the individuals who succeed acceleration you end your forthcoming incident? Describe what your career succeed be affect in open in five years. For specimen, what succeed you do for vacation or invigoration? What succeed your hobbies and activities be? Succeed you expedition? How succeed completing the knowledge externals of this continuity acceleration you effect journey towards your forthcoming incident? How succeed completing your extent program acceleration you end your forthcoming incident? Before the end of the week, arise commenting on at lowest 2 of your peers' addresses. You can ask technical questions or suit openly to the overall test. Be external, serene, and succinct. Always use circumstantial talk, plane in stricture, to operation toward the design of independent journey. Submit your defenses to the embezzle theme in this Discussion Area. Post your defense to the Discussion Area by the due time assigned. Suit to at lowest two posts by the end of the week