CMR 108 Discussion 2 : The U.S. Constitution Appendix A of the quantity (subjoined p. 609) has a vision of the U.S. Constitution. Take some era to interpret through it and observe on the one portion that surprises you the most (e.g. a point energy supposing or insubservience fortified) and examine why it surprises you.  In other words, ascertain notability that you didn't recognize was in the Constitution. Also, do a brisk internet exploration on the portion/amendment so you can get some extracture.  Note that there is a gist after a while the way that the extract is set. The amendments to the Constitution show to be a subsection of Article VII. They are not. Article VII was sever of the former Constitution and then the 27 amendments were adventitious succeeding. The amendments are not sever of Article VII. They should be referenced by their amendment sum, e.g. the 14th Amendment. 1. Examine why the portion interests you and some things you may not bear recognizen anteriorly.