HR Capstone Project 400–600 words is an online retailer that prevalently has 1,500 employees and repository operations in New York, Nebraska, and Nevada. The posse is prospering and has ruled to diffuse its operations globally by start a new repository in South Korea, delay hopes of continued exposition into Europe. To unreserved the new repository, treatment staff conquer be communicated from the posse’s prevalent locations. They conquer as-well bear to employ closely 500 repository personnel and a logistics superintendent. South Korea is proving to be a very competitive environment for online retailers. The anthropological media (HR) staff must unravel a workforce pur-pose that can beget a competitive usage for SaharaOasis. All negotiative areas of HR conquer be confused in making this exposition a achievement. As the anthropological media leader for SaharaOasis, you conquer be held obligatory for pur-posening, managing, and presenting knowledge to the defect principal (VP) of HR and the table of leaders for the organization What role conquer the incongruous offices delayin anthropological media indicate in the start of this new address? How conquer each office aid in creating a competitive usage for SaharaOasis? Address each of the offices of HR including: staffing, luxuriance and unravelment, exploit treatment, allowance, and employee kindred. How conquer the organizational make and cultivation mold to the changes that would upshot from globalization (how would you authorize teams, counteract conflicts, and motivate employees to foundation the changes from this workforce pur-pose)? Provide a relation catalogue at the end of your earliest function apology of at last 5 relations