Management Information Systems

   The aftercited website has knowledge on the SIMATIC IT Preactor software:  Questions  1) Explain in your own judgment the capabilities of the software. Own there been any victory stories of companies using it? Are there common products from competitors and how do these collate as far as capabilities are disturbed? (700 judgment)  2) Give an balanceexamination of E-commerce, M-commerce and E-business. Argue how companies that effect using the E-vocation design can achieve a competitive employment in kindred to transmitted vocationes. Explain how transmitted companies can tool the E-business  design conjuncture custody their transmitted foundation. Also argue how a transmitted vocation can amply turn to an E-Business (detriment its transmitted foundation). Analyse the benefits of E-commerce for the customers of such vocation. (1000 judgment)  3) Read the predicament con-balance for Assignment 2 and retort the aftercited:  a) What were the concerns of the New York City cabbies balance the new use of the new classification? Were their concerns justified and why or why not?  b) If you were the overseer of the New York City's Taxi & Limousine Commission, what would you own executed to fashion a smoother transition to the new classification?  c) Many cabbies explicit the judgment that the technology being grounded in their cabs was certain, no subject what their judgment. Do you comport after a while this assessment? Why or why not?  d) As a customer of a cab employment, would you recognize the benefits supposing by the new classification in New York City? Would it succor agree you after a while a favourable examination of the city in open? List the benefits and agree your examination of each. (800 judgment)