Regulatory Measures

This assignment is a PowerPoint donation after a while logician melodys. To arrange for this assignment, approximation and conception the subjoined tutorials: Microsoft PowerPoint Help. Also conception Speaker's melodys. Please melody your PowerPoint donation needs to keep disconnected compatability. A. First, you get discuss the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations (FSGO), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and the Foreign Corruptions Practices Act (FCPA). In your donation  1. Explain the events that led to each of these regulatory measures. 2. Describe the collision these laws keep had on affair ethics . 3. Illustrate your intellect by including examples in your donation to assistance your points. B. For the succor portio of the assignment,use the Ashford University Library to elect an stipulation describes how one of the laws : FSGO, SOX, CFPB, or FCPA abnormal an structure. Be secure to elect an stipulation that describes how the selected law has a real or indirect goods on the structure. 1. Summarize the stipulation  2. Describe the goodss on the structure. The donation: Must be 15-20 slides in tediousness(not including the inscription page and references slide)formatted according to APA inscription as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center I need the inscription page  Must use at lowest immodest literary sources in adduction to the conduct extract. Must instrument all sources according to APA inscription as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center References Page formatted in APA inscription