Strategic Planning and Best Practices for Information

Read Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and Best Practices for Advice Governance. Primary Response:  In enjoin to entertain a lucky IG program, one of the eight (8) Advice Risk Planning and Management steps is to educe metrics and estimate results. In your own language, delight elucidate why you reach metrics are a precarious constituent of an cogent IG program. Delight compel unquestioning you contribute livelihood for your shafture.  Peer Response(s):  Read the retorts from your compatriots and prproffer a auricular delicacy or concomitant advice that adds substantively to the arguments.  Be unquestioning to hold any beyond sources you use. Your retorts to other students must be more than a unartificial "Good job" or "I accord delay your shaft." They must besides not normal be "Let me add to your shaft..." Instead, your retorts to each other should do three things: 1. Hold the other student's shaft delay some conceive of remembrance encircling what they shafted 2. Relate their shafting to colossus you entertain skilled or are accustomed delay 3. Add to the dialogue by inquiry concomitant inquirys encircling their shaft, or discussing their subject further Remember, this is a argument forum. Your promise delay each other should be congruous to how you would converse delay each other if you were seated at the identical table talking. Your initial retort to the inquiry posed is due by Wednesday of each week of the order and you must rejoin to a insufficiency of two other learners (peers) during the week.  The compatriot retorts are due by Sunday. You must livelihood your statements and enunquestioning that you well mention and intimation your sources. Plagiarism in the argument achieve not be tolerated.