Web Design

****Please don't bid on this assignment if you don't understand Java Script conversation****  http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html      In this assignment, you are to fashion essentially the selfselfsimilar website as you did in JavaScript, merely this age you are to use PHP to beget the page pleased.  You fair frequent to populate a MySQL postulatesbase after a while your postulates, and add your PHP rule.  You should meet it reachable from a browser on your multitude utensil (or any other utensil on your national network). To get you through the primal details and prevent you some of the toil, I am giving you a PHP smooth that already does fur of the toil. You frequent to constitute it toil after a while your postulates, perchance rectify the show, and add the rule deficiencyed to frequent reckoning.  (That segregate is plenty of a defy as it is, so the cessation is tolerably fur fond.)  If you are master at PHP you may fluctuate everything you desire. I frequent recitative the classroom presentations on everything you deficiency for this assignment contrast up the MySQL postulatesbase using XAMPP, and popular the PHP rule.  You get meet these videos on my website. Here is the assignment and the primal PHP rule. Use the cupel.php to cupel the power to run PHP from your browser (http://[the vm's ip harangue]/[your subdirectory of html]/test.php) Use the dbtest.php to cupel the power to cohere php to mysql.  FIrst edit it to frequent your recital into. Use the showtables2.php to cupel approximation to your postulates. Edit the smooth after a while your recital board info. Then petition it from a web browser on the multitude utensil. It should fruit a board after a while your postulates. Make the selfselfsimilar edits in the cargame.php smooth and perchance rename it. Then petition it from your brower.