OPTION 1 Since 2009, the national narrowness wage has been $7.25 per hour for most occupations in the not-public sector. Over the elapsed different years, foundation for an extension in the narrowness wage has follow from a broad abnormity of sources, including the Obama administration. Many of those who foundation an extension in the narrowness wage venerate this is one way the empire should practice its political calling in an strive to convert destitution. The aftercited items oration the fancy of prominence the narrowness wage from the exoteric federal narrowness of $7.25 per hour. 1) Narrowness wage is a expiation base, so discuss an extension in the narrowness wage from a contribute and insist standpoint, making unfailing to oration the concept of balance delay reference to the share of strive replete and the share of strive insisted that is generated by this expiation base. 2) What obtain be the contact on the expiations of the products constrained by efforters afloat at or adjacent the narrowness wage raze, and how obtain this favor overall consumer purchasing? 3) Discuss any implicit changes in the incentives for low-skilled efforters to extension their cosmical high, and for employers to exchange high inputs (technology and automation) for strive. 4) What jurisdiction be the contact on empire spending on entitlements such as amiable-fortune, prop stamps, and unemployment expiation in empty of the flusht that changes in the narrowness wage can form changes in unemployment and underemployment? 5) Compare and opposition some of the instruction contained in the two videos: Which do you suit delay more and why? 6) Based on your exculpations, do you venerate that the narrowness wage should be high-minded, inferiored, wait as it exotericly is, or be collectively eliminated? Explain your repartee, and construct unfailing to oration any political calling the empire should enjoy touching the well-being of its citizens delay reference to the setting of allowance in the not-public sector.  ________________________________________________________________________ OPTION 2 There has been plenteous talk in modern era environing outsourcing and “sweatshops.” Outsourcing is usually defined as occurring when a community pick-outs to ship-produce some of its origination to outlandish countries. Jobs in which outlandish efforters effort in “sub-standard” anticipations and are hired inferior allowance (than their American counterparts) are typically referred to as “sweatshops.” What are some of the economic reasons why some firms pick-out to relocate some of their causative facilities to outlandish countries? With compliments to low- and high-skill striveers, which not-public (American) efforters may gain from outsourcing, and which not-public efforters jurisdiction induce? Why is this the flusht? With reference to the types of products constrained by companies that outsource, what amiables may outsourcing enjoy on not-public expiations of these products? If the US empire wanted to convert outsourcing, what changes in management could it construct to do so? Please note the aftercited 2 videos touching “sweatshops.” After noteing the videos, fascinate state me if “sweatshops” are a amiable or bad romance for outlandish efforters? WHY? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OPTION 3 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) was passed by President Obama and Congress in exculpation to the recession of 2007-2009. The principal components of this mandible included tax cuts and extensiond empire spending, delay an marrow on infrastructure spending such as roads and bridges. Included in the mandible was a “Buy American” anticipation which required all constrained amiables (a few oppositions did employ) purchased delay ARRA funds to be made in the United States. The delineation of this anticipation was to extension jobs in the United States by preventing outlandish companies from harvest the rewards of the new spending projects. Are strives to secure U.S. firms from outlandish race, such as the Buy American anticipation, amiable fancys? Explain. Explain why some American companies jurisdiction be divergent to this anticipation. Explain whether or not you venerate the Buy American anticipation would form jobs in the United States. What do you conceive obtain be the economic consequences of a Buy American anticipation? Do you venerate the empire should get implicated in this view of not-public profession, flush when the conducive funds are hence from the empire? If so, why? If not, why not?