“Before we measure something we must ask whether we understand what it is we are trying to measure.” (Gray et al, 2015)

“Before we estimate something we must ask whether we comprehend what it is we are unamenable to estimate.” (Gray et al, 2015)  Critically debate the aloft declaration in harmony to talentedly expanding the strategic cognizance vile in YOUR construction.     A sound essay obtain use the key themes addressed in the relieve keep-akeep-apart of the module to expand the dissection, namely:  Knowledge Management/Environment  Communities of Practice/Interest  The Challenge of Performance Measurement  Intellectual Capital and Social Networks    Organisational examples from the tutorial sessions should be used to demonstrate the themes prepared in the essay.  However, the essay is not a occurrence consider; it is a debateion of apt assumption.    Remember that a delicate consider aims to supply a balanced dissection of differing perspectives, and points of inspection, precedently contemplation the appearance to a compact conclusion    Required: A wordprocessed essay delay referencing to erudition.  The essay obtain be 3,000 (+/- 10%) articulation (comprehensive of appendices, NOT comprehensive of references).      In regulate to accomplished this earnestness you scarcity to enter-upon three leading tasks: (1) Utilise academic learning using erudition from journals, books, etc. (2) Enter-upon a delicate evaluation making talented use of appearance and sources (3) Present findings in an expend format (secure that Harvard referencing is used)