Case Study on Nike

   Due Monday 12/18/17 at 12 Noon-Pacific Standard Time Using twain plea and serviceable managerial thinking as polite as sustaining elaboration, tally to each of the interrogations adown (Do not use the interrogation-and-answer format) In formatting your condition anatomy use an essay format delay subheadings.  Do not use the interrogation-and-answer format-write in apa format delay subheadings Your APA-formatted condition consider should be a insufficiency of 500 utterance in prolixity (not counting the denomination and relation pages).  You are required to use a insufficiency of (3) three peer-reviewed, academic sources that are no past than (5) five years old    All sources used, must be relationd; paraphrased representative.  must entertain accompanying in-text citations. **Turnitin accomplish be used to cohibit for originality** Nike  1. How has the diligence in which Nike resides been doing aggravate the enucleateed 5 years? 2. What are the pros, cons, and risks associated delay Nike’s nucleus marketing management? How entertain they managed to enucleate a impetuous customer interconnection delay their target market? 3. Who are the top three competitors of Nike, and what are their advantages/disadvantages delay deference to their product/service enucleatement? 4. Looking at the competitors you discussed in interrogation #3, what would you praise as substance the proximate steps for these competitors and astern the proximate steps for Nike to contention these competitors? Do not use the interrogation-and-answer format