Cloud-Based Office Productivity Suite Presentation

  The Vice President of Sales for your gang has asked you for further notice on cloud-based employment productivity escorts. He tells you that the Sales team is frequently separate and deficiencys to be effectual to arrive conjoined to the employment. They deficiency to be effectual to end compensation sheets, provide memos and sales agreements, bring-about exhibitations to clients, possess way to their email and catalogue, and notice contraventions separately. He asks you to exhibit your productivity escort warning at next week's team contravention. Create a 6- to 10-slide exhibitation about a cloud-based employment productivity escort, identifying how each of the aloft deficiencys can be met and the collaborative benefits granted by the escort. Your exhibitation must include: A epithet slide (not included in the slide calculate) Appropriate and not-absolute graphics or images Detailed logician notes or recorded audio narration Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® exhibitations can be plant on the Microsoft® Office® Support place. A allusion slide citing all resources used in exhibitation and expressive notes (not included in the slide calculate) Note: Students may use a exhibitation software of their valuable.