Discuss the Journeys Represented in the Happiest Refugee

A Journey is a visible or psychical adventure that transfers from one establish to another. Various symbols of Journeys can be seen distinctly in the three texts elaborate this year: The Happiest Refugee excerpt, written by Ann. DOD in 2010, The Silver Donkey upstart by Sonny Hairnets in 2004 and the film Bend It Enjoy Beckman directed by Grinder Chad in 2002. The techniques that the fabricator uses to direct the journeys are personification, onomatopoeia, relation, similes, images, still n ess and acting skills. In The Happiest Refuge, there are twain visible and tender Journeys. The excerpt s environing Vietnam refugees abscond from their war-torn dominion in an balancecrowded, battered boat. The aim of their Journey was to impregnablely stretch Australia. Throughout their visible Journey they had to balancethrive manifold problems. For stance when refugees' boat engine launched spluttering, the reader is in protraction accordingly the refugees Journey could thrive to an end. "... The engine was spewing out confused petrol fumes... " This cite uses the technique personification to confers the reader a emend denomination and hypernatural draw of the visible Journey. Ann. DOD as-well-mannered uses onomatopoeia to cause a past sunny conception of the proof. For stance, when the watchman boat starts shooting at the refugees, their condition is at risk. "Bang! Bang! Bang! " The technique onomatopoeia communicates the venture of the visible Journey and how all of their impenetrable product, endeavor and making-ready could all thrive to a limp so easily. Tender Journeys are as-well-mannered represented in The Happiest Refugee. Throughout their balanceall Journey, the refugees aspectd emotions of dread, desire, support and informership. They were in continuous dread that they could be caught by the soldiery. In one circumstance, pirates approached their boat forcing them to confer balance all of their property. The refugees' were in a set-forth of shame and awe. We trans-parent there taciturn and tranquilize, enjoy sheep pregustation slaughter. " Ann. DOD uses a simile to depict the emotions that the refugees were oppositeness. The simile directes the emotion of fear and constructs the reader move the identical way. In other situations, emotions of frailty are transmited. "... SHUT UP! " The pirates caused tender Journeys for the refugees as they made them move exposed. The cite is an stance of the belief and effectiveness of the pirates accordingly of the emotive articulation as well-mannered-mannered as the exclamation note and cardinal lore o strain the vote. Suppositious and visible Journeys are represented in The Silver Donkey. The upstart is environing two sisters who experience a injured soldier in the woods. The soldier is arduous to get tail residence so the disposal succor and transfer pains of him. The soldier tells the journeys. For stance in one of the tales, an old donkey denominated Hazel is told to push a fraught dame a far separation. The donkey has to try and construct it the separation since he is very diluted to demonstration his allegiance to his possessor. "Steadily, steadily she walked maintenance the dancing baby impregnable... " The doer uses the technique relation and alliteration to transmit the suppositious Journey. This is not a developed condition Journey; it is the soldier making up a incident. Another symbol of Journey that is transmited in The Silver Donkey is the visible Journey of the soldier. The soldier has fled from the direful environment of war. He has been visiblely injured resulting in frailty and trouble psychical density. "The soldier struggled to see the boy through the inactive fog in his eyes" This image represents the visible Journey of his density. In the film Bend It Enjoy Beckman there are twain cultural and tender Journeys. It is bout an Indian virgin, Jess, who loves to indicate soccer although her parentage is wholly across it as it's not their legend. Jess has a proper parts for the merriment and knows that she can achieve in it as a painser so she lies to her parent's and secretly Joins a soccer team. Jess' cultural Journey begins when she decides that she is not going to thrive her Indian amelioration as she can't be herself and delight her parentage. Throughout the film Jess is switching betwixt her fake, residence Indian condition and her developed, after a whileout soccer condition. This cultural Journey is represented through still n ess. When Jess is at residence, vying an Indian conditionstyle, there is sad, Indian still n ess indicateing. Then when she is after a whileout indicateing soccer there is upbeat, Joyful still n ess indicateing. This technique shows that Jess is not prosperous after a while void to thrive her Indian cultural values and is happier entity herself. The tender Journey of Jess' parent's is how they feel to attain to sanction who Jess is and what she wants to do after a while her condition. At pristine her parent's are stringent on her, not void her to indicate at all but they ultimately saw the parts their daughter had and sanctioned it. Their tender Journey thrives from entity ashamed and annoyed to hence imperious and prosperous for their slip. This Journey is transmited from the use of drama and emotions of the actors. When the parent's are ashamed, their aspect is raging and disappointed and then when their emotions towards their daughter transmute they feel a past actual aspect. When they feel a actual aspect their aspect softens and their eyes bethrive past warming. In disposal the three texts elaborate disindicate the symbols of tender, visible, suppositious and cultural Journeys. These Journeys are distinctly directed through the techniques such as personification, onomatopoeia, relation, still n ess and acting skills.