Discussion 3-6

 Week 3 Discussion "Business Processes"  Per the textbook, to exclude or subject non-value-added toil is a kernel trudge in improving profitability or teachableness of the occupation order. Give your impression on whether you harmonize or disharmonize delay this propose and include one (1) development of a occupation order which aids or criticizes the aforementioned propose to aid your pose.  Week 4 Discussion "Statistical Engineering Frameworks"  Compare and dissimilarity the primary differences among order advancement frametoil and collection-solving framework. Provide one (1) development of occupation address directing each frametoil to aid your defense.  Week 5 Discussion "Reflection to Date"  In the second half of the locality, we accomplish enlarge our statistical thinking concepts to skilled impressions. We accomplish argue using machines (e.g., Excel) for the effort. Watch the video titled “Descriptive Statistics using ‘Data Analysis’ machine in Excel”, located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MFjwM6K5Sg. Next, consider on the overall fashion in which you would use machines, such as Excel, to direct a occupation-critical thinking diplomacy. Include one (1) development of such impression to aid your defense.  Week 6 Discussion "Process Advancement and Problem-Solving Tools"  Among the machines (e.g., graphics machines, knowledge-based machines, etc.) that the doer argueed in the textbook, enumerate the expression of machine that you would use for order advancement framework. Next, enumerate the expression of machine you would use for collection solving framework. Justify your defense.