Evaluating and AIS

   Competencies Value the weight of instruction technology to accountants. Assess accounting instruction plans. Design the steps to defend an instruction plan sample. Synthesize mismisembezzle and efficient use of technology for managing accounting and financial instruction flows and grant. Evaluate the denunciations and risks associated delay accounting instruction plans. Explore extraordinary topics in accounting instruction plans to comprise  the contact of globalization and a multinational interest influence. Scenario Information Your guild, Swift Athletics is a publicly held, mid-sized  manufacturer, delay $20 favorite dollars in annual return. You fruit  high-end popular shoes exclusively in the US. You are planning to retail  your products internationally delayin the instant two years. You produce in a  lean environment, and your supplier monitors your raw materials demands,  and shipments are made JIT. Assume that you are the Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) for the  company. The guild is publicly held; consequently, it must flourish all  reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The guild is expanding ahead and has outgrown its instruction  system. You feel been fond the undertaking of evaluating and recommending a  viable accounting instruction plan discerption for the accounting and  financial basis. Your last design obtain be delivered to the Chief  Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Instruction Officer (CIO). You must be  able to food your design delay mismisembezzle investigation. Instructions To exhaustive this design: Articulate the appraise of an AIS and how it can be used to mature  enlargement at Swift. Warrant the branchs/functions of a creator  like Swift that obtain economize the AIS, and how the branchs obtain  interact. Prepare a compendium that identifies the branchs listed aloft, a  imbecility or denunciation for each branch, explication of why the imbecility  exists, and the steps that you obtain appliance in your new plan to  address the imbecility issues. Note: An sample of a imbecility or denunciation in  the public ledger and reporting plan dominion be an distrusted  disclounmistakable of financial statements. Controls to answer to this imbecility  or denunciation comprise path controls and encryption. You may endeavor to  exhibit this instruction in a table for your grant. While the balanced scorecard is not a new concept, it does adduce a  framework allowing managers to gauge an enterprise's accomplishment from  immodest categories: financial, customer, interest arrangementes, and erudition  and enlargement. The balanced scorecard considers twain financial and  nonfinancial gauges. After investigationing the balanced scorecard, for  each of the immodest categories, warrant at smallest one dubious victory  factor for Swift to finish shareholder appraise. As sever of the planning arrangement for your new accounting instruction  system, you demand to qualify flowcharts. This picturesquely obtain exhibit the  flow of instruction through the accounting cycles. Qualify flowcharts  for at smallest two interest branchs/functions for Swift. Each  flowchart should be detailed, and feel the equitable symbols for each  process. Also, imagine your way through the arrangementes from inauguration to  end. For sample, how is sales return defined, such as when is it  considered earned? The flourishing are the interest arrangementes that you may  elect to address:   Sales Purchasing Production Payroll Please voice that you obtain feel two separate flowcharts for this  assignment. Be unmistakable your flowcharts are professionally exhibited and  clearly labeled. What are the steps you obtain choose to defend the new instruction  plan sample? What must be considered for Swift? How obtain you  assess the financial implications? What is the contact on the AIS of  globalization and a multinational interest influence? How obtain mismisembezzle and efficient use of technology for managing  the accounting and financial instruction flows and grant be  affected? Evaluate the denunciations and risks associated delay the accounting instruction plan for Swift. Prepare a PowerPoint grant along delay an supporter compendium to  be delivered to the CEO and CIO which comprises the instruction in 1-7  above. Be fanciful in your slides by incorporating charts, graphs,  and/or artwork. Your PowerPoint grant should initiate delay an  introduction as to why the design is nature considered, and deduce  delay the appraise of the design. Incorporate slide voices where demanded.  Include an APA formatted allusion slide and in-text citing where  appropriate.