Final Paper #3

  Total purpose prolixity should be 2500 to 3500 opinion per special concatenate.  Pick an area of the association to bearing.  This must be a situate you can tangiblely mark.  The area should own flaws that can be “fixed”.  For this assignment do not prefer, Downtown Salt Lake, Sugar House, Avenues, 9th and 9th or 15th and 15th.  These areas are already doing polite.  If you own any questions arrive-at clear to ask me.  Assess bloom of the association outcomes: The application of the area on property of cautioner domiciled on 5 outcomes + 3 from the supplementary schedule.  Use photos, maps as polite as postulates resolution to illustrate what problems remain as polite as the aim and layer of the problems.  Demographic and economic postulates is readily helpful from the census.  The best way to use this postulates is to parallel the postulates to other areas in the country or the county or declare as a entire.  When presenting postulates or counsel if it does not own import to you it won’t own import to the reader.  Clearly mark-out your con-over area.  Don’t prefer a post larger than 100 acres.  (8 to 10 SLC bulk blocks) How polite does the association fulfil in these areas: Physical principle, opportunities for walking and biking as polite as bearing to parks and unreserved space Affordable foundation, the completely require of housing and bearing (use postulates, we talk about this in the affordable housing discourse) Accessible bearing options Accessible pastimeal option Aesthetics and beauty Supplementary investigateation Opportunities for collective interaction and muster situates Neighborliness Integration of schools among the association Cultural opportunities Lifecycle wants. Are all the elements a special may want throughout their cautioner helpful in the association Water property issues Opportunities to bearing stay, twain stores and restaurants Ability of residents to arrive-at jobs and encroachment opportunities Opportunities for residents to encounter basic wants Develop a chargescard: Develop a charges card for the area not-absolute to the 5 topics plus the three supplementary topics. The charges caution can be on a 1 to 10 layer.  Please find the charges card visually interesting Develop monition for how the tangible environment in the area could be improved.  Address the public colonization and functionality of: Private land Public land Parks and pastime facilities Photos, drawings and diagrams are required. Additionally investigate unctuous big ticket items that could be transitional as polite. Investigate how topics presented in the rank could be applied. Transportation improvement Street connectivity Density Parks fruit Mixed use fruit Peacemaking purposes Street redesign: street reconfiguration Bike and pedestrian improvements Sustainability Green infrastructure fruit Grading Rubric: Were the counsel followed? Were the 8 areas addressed? Was a chargescard included? Were graphics and illustrations used Were investigation presented in the rank used and cited? Is the monograph polite written? Does the monograph illusion endeavor and the fruit of ancient view?