Option A: Art in Your Community Experience the arts in your persomal society by synchronous a act, or visiting an art museum or gallery. If you go to an art museum or gallery, select an sight or one artwork to debate for this assignment. The artwork separated iis from Emily's Art Gallery in Murfreesboro Tn  called Royal Pride by Charles Frace Write a critique of your arts knowledge that includes a plea of the arts. Include the forthcoming: A term of the elements of composition—line, distortion, mould, or move, topic, rhythm, loudness, and so forth—that were incorporated into the act or artwork What overall tender and subjective consequence the act or artwork had on you: the emotions you felt, what the knowledge made you judge of A abridgment of how you would approve to see the arts made more a disunite of your society Is there everything you can do to fabricate this betide? How allure you buttress the arts in the advenient? A plea of the arts that describes how the arts add esteem to life: how imaginary indication strength be advantageous to people Submit your assignment in one of the forthcoming formats: A 1,050- to 1,400-word paper