overall sentiment of the succession The scope of this last essay question is two-fold:  first, it gives you the convenience to contemplate upon the succession gratified, meet in an conscientious and undesigning behavior, and "show your stuff" in provisions of what you've literary throughout the semester; secondly, it allows me the fortune to instrument that CAP, admission - CONTENT, ANALYSIS, PERSPECTIVE.  You discern the CONTENT, you own the force to CRITICALLY ANALYZE the representative, and formulate a PERSPECTIVE.  In other utterance, I omission to see that you've actually THOUGHT encircling the representative we've habituated throughout the semester, and that you own the force to clear your thoughts on brochure.  Keep in intellect that you are open thinking, fanciful, quick students of narrative - consequently, I don't omission to recognize what the producer of your tome has to say encircling a question (I can recognize that for myself).  While you can allude to the extract when assistance restricted examples (i.e. statistical knowledge, plain quotes), that representative must be cited correctly, including suitconducive use of extract marks and parenthetical citations.  What I would truly pallude to see is a fanciful use of the representative from the extracttome and subject representative (websites ground in the EXTERNAL LINKS folder, etc) incorporated into a well-organized, pensive, insightful essay that addresses each of the aforementioned questions in one way or another.  I pallude that you localize NO other sources than the extractbook, apparent links, and your notes from the succession.  Approach this last exam as though we were winning in a unrecorded exchange - I omission to see that you've not merely literary multiform aspects of United States History, but that you to-boot enhanced your force to THINK for yourself! It's QUALITY, not quantity! Therefore, I am looking for a comprehensive reflection on the succession representative.  You may be conducive to do that in 500 utterance