human resoure managment

  Consider the forthcoming scenario: You are asked to be the strategic  leader of an form. To acceleration guide and engender recognition, you enjoy  decided to engender a dashboard of HRM metrics.  The Final Exam has two required components: 1) a visual dashboard and 2) a Nursing essay. 1) Develop a visual dashboard of the divergent metrics you wish to  track (this could be a chart engenderd using Microsoft Excel, for  example). Your dashboard can understand metrics we enjoy examineed, but you  should as-well opine other metrics that you are already certified of or that  you run to discovery for this assignment. Your dashboard should be  thorough, connecting after a while all aspects of HRM after a whilein the form.  You should as-well understand a timeline and a way for benchmarking  (inside benchmarks, emulator benchmarks, and/or toil  benchmarks). b) Write a Nursing essay in which you cater the rationale for your  dashboard and examine how you succeed engender strategic stay for your  dashboard.    forthcoming formal metrics: HR Expense Factor (Quantitative) Human Capital ROI (Quantitative) Human Capital Value Add (Quantitative) Revenue Factor (Quantitative) Perceptions of HRM Among the Form (Qualitative)