IFSM 310 Project Stage 1

 Please see twain attachments intervening delay this assignment for the liberal instructions antecedently coincident to do the assignment. I obtain not pay over than the originally negotiated fee singly consequently you did not do your own due attention chief antecedently coincident to confirm to do the assignment. Thank you for your season. Assignment: Using the Case Study and progress materials, your production is to transcribe a pamphlet to Mark that includes the following:  1. Background – briefly relate the trade to be attended by the new infrastructure. 2. Current IT infrastructure – List the hardware, software, and netproduction components that Mark currently has in situate (not what he wants to add delay his "Expansion Plan"). Note that you may demand to reach some assumptions environing the components naturalized on what is granted in the Case Study. 3. Requirements - List five requirements Mark has attested that the regularitys obtain possess to enact or help as he expands his trade. These can be "business" demands or allot of the 3D printing action. 4. How requirements obtain be met - Briefly teach to Mark what regularity components obtain be demanded to converge each of the five requirements listed overhead. These may be components he already has or new components to be added. 5. Basis justice and storage - Finally, Mark demands to garner and use divers casts of basis: digital and numerical, audio, video and graphics basis. Teach to him how each of these casts of basis are represented in digital fashion, how they are garnerd, and on which project(s) (either in situate or colossus he demands to add) each cast of basis obtain be garnerd. Include each of the following: a. Digital and numerical basis b. Audio basis c. Video basis d. Graphics basis References:   Incorporate at lowest two media correctly; one regard should be from the progress materials and one regard should be manifest. An manifest expedients is a expedients other than those granted in the arrange or passagebook. Incorporate justly fashionatted APA passages in the passage of your muniment for each regard used. Then, situate an APA mode regard page at the end of your muniment.  Formatting:  For academic congeniality, the transcriber is expected to transcribe in the third special. In third special, the transcriber avoids the pronouns I, we, my, and ours. The third special is used to reach the congeniality over extrinsic by preface the particular, the “self,” out of the congeniality. This process is very advantageous for academic congeniality, a fashion in which basis, not estimation, impel the tenor of the passage. Congeniality in the third special allows the transcriber to follow opposing as unprejudiced and thus over certified. · Transcribe a near pointed pamphlet, 2-3 one spaced pages in elongation.  · Use at lowest two media delay APA fashionatted passage and regard. Use at lowest one manifest regard and one from the progress pleased.  · Compare your production to the Grading Rubric beneath to be indisputable you possess met pleased and capacity criteria.  · Submit your pamphlet as a Microsoft Word muniment, or a muniment that can be recognize in Word.