Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

  Early childhood educators must be eloquent in their householdity of literacy aptitudes in direct to effectively declare the instruction to families and colleagues and so-far instruct literacy to pubescent upshot. Phonological and phonemic awareness are inherent to developing literacy and must be shared delay families and colleagues.  For this assignment, you get imagine a 7-10 specific video gift using any video recording invention for families of Pre-K students to elucidate phonological and phonemic awareness. Include: Definitions of phonological and phonemic awareness. Explanation of how phonological and phonemic awareness relates to literacy bud in pubescent upshot. Description of how future lection bud is cognate to future literacy aptitudes (imstereotype concepts, missive naming, lexicon, phonological awareness, listening, suggestive, and perception). For each of the future literacy aptitudes including imimstereotype concepts, missive naming, lexicon, phonological awareness, listening, suggestive, and perception get one in of a slight knot enthusiasm that can be used to instruct each aptitude. Describe how each enthusiasm can be mitigated to unite the needs of students delay irregular needs. Show professionalism in your video and look. Use an online video platform such as Loom, YouTube, or Vimeo to upload your completed video. Be unquestioning that others can admission and sentiment your linked video preceding to acquiesceting. This assignment uses a rubric. Resentiment the rubric preceding to inception the assignment to beseem household delay the expectations for prosperous completion. You are required to acquiesce this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for protection.