Reading and Answer questions

Here are 2 lessons underneath. Please recognize the scenario carefully and then finished all listed topic, no privation. Each lesson must enclose over than 100 utterance, twain lesson at smallest over than 200 utterance in diffusiveness.  This effect must due on July 17 1:00pm. If you gain yield it on span, Please contiguity me. Thanks. Task1 It has been said that the pledge of a man or dame is their chain. Written narrows honest purpose complications and consume a lot of currency to drain and finalize. We entertain made laws that demand we entertain written narrows for some businesss. In other we do not deficiency written narrows. In manifold matter businesss that are dressed by the Uniform Commercial Code there is no deficiency for a narrow to inaugurate the business between to matteres.  Do we truly deficiency written narrows? Can we get by after a while a handshake and a pledge. Verbal narrows can be enforced. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a written narrow for forfeiture and sale of goods or services?  What does our passage decide us encircling a narrow and why they are main or not? Task 2 Peter Knowall, the first-mentioned advocate of John Belushi, one of the stars in the movie "Animal House" sued him for $250,000 in juridical fees. Knowall said that Belushi identified a narrow in October of 1980 when he was 17 years of age. In the narrow Belushi agreed to pay Knowall 10% of his earning from the movie in diversify for all inevitable juridical services that would be supposing by Knowall. Knowall undertook the truthfulness of Belushi and effected all inevitable juridical services. Belushi disaffirmed the narrow in December of 1981. Belushi bitter 18 years of age on October 31, 1981. Can Knowall find a available reasoning that for a inferior in the comcomposition of Belushi, juridical truthfulness can be narrowed for by a inferior?  Why or why not? If so, is Belushi subject for all of the fees teeming for juridical services supposing by Knowall? What other issues show in this instance that should be topiced or researched in determining whether the narrow is enforceable? Why are your findings juridical and are they clear?