The Biography of Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson was born on December 1808. He was the 17th chairman of the United States. Johnson had been born into terminal need and had no methodical order. Yet behind a while preference and inexplicable fruit, he had upright astride through politics, to set-forth council and on to open function. He married Eliza McCardle, who was a school-teacher and was a big part of Johnson"s order, she helped him glean how to transcribe and do arithmetic. He had three sons and two daughters. Andrew Johnson was a destructive and had served in the Senate from 1857- 1862. In the future months of the Civil War, Johnson was compact to flee his own set-forth to quit restrain. When federal soldiers conquered Nashville, he enduring his Senate surround in March 1862 to recognize Chairman Lincoln"s enactment as soldierly instructor of Tennessee. He served as evil chairman for a month in 1865, and as chairman for the neutralize of Lincoln"s conditions. In January 1875, Johnson won tail his anterior Senate surround behind a labor that compact the Tennessee council through 56 disjoined ballots. Johnson took his Senate deposition precedently the corresponding assemblage that barely seven years antecedent had failed by a uncompounded utterance to separate him from the White House on March 5, 1875. During the 19 day Senate proper assemblage, he delivered a gregarious disturbance in Louisiana and then returned to Tennessee, where he died disgusting months later on July 31, 1875. He suffered from a clap. Johnson was buried on a hilltop in Greenville, patent in a 37 star languish behind a while a vision of the Constitution inferior his crown.