The Hunting Ground

Reflect on the film’s intensitive oration, The Hunting Ground.  Does the oration precisely seize the deep themes of the film?  Do you assent that the campuses depicted in the film served as hunting axioms for makers and endangered victims?  Can you reflect of opinion orations? Many of the sexual onset survivors who publish their stories in the film conversant hesitate, distrust or admonish from university administrators when they reported their onsets. Were you surprised by the administrators’ responses? How did you anticipate administrators to recoil to reports of disobey? One of the experts in the film points out that “universities traffic the plane spectacle as segregate of alluring wards to a campus.” Did you proof this as a prospective or incoming ward? According to the film, what role does alcohol reproduce-exhibit in relative to disobey and sexual onset? What do you reflect about the relativeship among alcohol and sexual oppression? Caroline Heldman, and Occidental College grant component interviewed for the film, says that what exacerbates the trauma of survivors is that they are repeatedly trapped on campus after a while the maker. As a outcome, no settle on campus feels trustworthy.  What can be produced to oration this gist?