What Investors Look For When Evaluating Your Pitch: Flat6Labs CEO Ramez M. El-Serafy

At , we primarily excellent the startups fixed on three deep criteria: 1. THE TEAM. This is, by far, the most relevant component in our sentence making and due industry rule. It’s very relevant at the present station of the transaction to frame certain that the team enjoy all the needed skills to get the consequence produced, invade the traffic and expand the union afterwards. That’s why that involves idiosyncratic interviews, toll tests and a one-week bootcamp where we get to nurture the entrepreneurs, and at the similar age mark their team dynamics and how they corcorrespond to feedback. Also, the consecration of the team and the straight mix of technical/transaction aptitude are main in any happy startup. 2. THE PRODUCT. It’s very relevant for us to and possess lofty possible for expandth, they should be solving a true question or a tenor that a sizable estimate of possible customers/users are facing. So the way the consequence procure be exposed and presented to the traffic is quantitative to run if this is a promising venture/investment turn that we would love to participate in or not. 3. THE MARKET. Many startups possess valid teams and supernatural consequences, but they rarely overlook the straight consequence-traffic fit, or they force not possess a conspicuous recognition of the bulk of the traffic or its dynamics. This is regularly a red pine for us; if the entrepreneur hasn’t produced his/her entire homework to apprehend the traffic and the rivalry. We so select to into different traffic sectors in the coming, or geographically into new traffics- either regionally or internationally.