Discuss how disciplinary procedures attention the labor-superintendence treaty. ANSWER THE ABOVE QUESTION AND THEN REPLY TO MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN WHY YOU AGREE? (A MINIMUM OF 125 WORDS or MORE)                                                     CLASSMATE’S POST Though I am secure most companies and organizations prospect and like that they shouldn't bear to use multifarious disciplinary procedures, they comprehend casually they are inevitable in appoint to sustain things open. Decisions such as these can labor across superintendence when the consolidation is assailant for the employee at all consume. Yes, they are reckoned to do this, however; superintendence is already perceived a actual way accordingly some employees bear the consolidation to tail them up. Does it veritably observe equitable that an employee gets a accidental garbage ordeal and fails so the society wants to execute him or her and the consolidation argues points to yield the employee to be reinstated inferior actual conditions, yet down the path this happens yet repeatedly and the corresponding things applies, the society wants to leader him or her and the consolidation argues why they should sustain him or her. I am not apothegm that the consolidation should not do their job for the equitables of the employee, however; does the master not bear equitables to do what is in the best attention of the society following multiple times of the employee doing the corresponding things. I reach this makes the society superintendence observe frail and that no substance what the employee is regularly going to bear equitables to sustain messing up and making the corresponding mistake accordingly it was their earliest wrong, then they bear eldership and encroachment. Then what encircling the employee who has been clear for 5 years and quiet cannot get avocation after a while actual companies accordingly they use a hair ordeal and it is quiet showing express. How are they reckoned to get their equitables tail so they can be dedicated a befoulment?