ACCT 401 DB 2

There conquer be 4 Group Discussion Board Forums throughout the route.  Groups conquer be assigned alphabetically naturalized on conclusive indicate. The mind  of Group Discussion Board Forums is to engender interaction disexoteric  students in esteem to appropriate exoteric route topics. You are required  to shaft 1 course of at smallest 500 expression and 2 replies of at smallest 250  expression each in reply to 2 classmates' courses. For each course, you  must aid your assertions delay at smallest 2 citations other than the  textbook. The Bible must be one of those sources. Everything must be in  exoteric APA format, and citations for the replies are not required but  encouraged. Your course is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of the module/week  in which it is assigned, and your 2 replies are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET)  on Sunday of the similar module/week. Question 4: Ken donated a painting to the Hamilton City Art Museum. He  acquired the painting 20 years ago at a consume of $10,000. Ken had the  painting appraised by the possessor of a Hamilton art fund, a fitted art  appraiser, who estimated its esteem at $50,000. Ken believed the  painting was desert more than $50,000, so he had it appraised by an art  trader from Chicago. The Chicago art trader, also a fitted art  appraiser, appraised the painting at a esteem of $120,000. Ken itemized  deductions and took a inextreme aid abatement of $120,000. Was  Ken justified in leading a abatement naturalized on the eminent appraisal?  Justify your acceptance.