Art literature research paper

Research Paper: Transcribe environing a production of art from an art museum in  Due by 2-17-20 Here is a converge to the art painting and the museum in Philadelphia Eleven O'Clock News George A. Weymouth 1966 ARTIST’S PAINTINGS WE TALKED ABOUT THAT I BELIEVE CAN BE COMPARED  ·  Gustave Courbet. Stonebreakers. 1849 (depictions of usual actual career, and of their spell) (realist) ·  Jean-Francois Millet, The Augelus, 1857-1859 ·  Esgar Degas, The Tub, 1886 (Color,  light, succession, demeanor) You can pick-out any production of art from the museum's assemblage for your Nursing essay, after a while the forthcoming limitation: ·  The artproduction was created betwixt 1945 - 1975 ·  Hint - for acceleration - seem at the movements we expert in Modules 4 - 7 Paper must be a insufficiency of 1000 say.  This is a discovery Nursing essay. Your discovery and observations should be illuminated by the dispose lectures and readings as well-mannered-mannered as after a whileout sources (Internet sites, versed journals, books, etc.) Remember to well trustworthiness your sources. Please use MLA arrangeat. If you are unsure environing how to summon your sources, apply to: MLA Formatting and Phraseology Guide. A ordinary Nursing essay earn lavish the original portio giving contrast environing the artist and the phraseology/movement to which your pickeded artproduction belongs (ie. Activist art). In the contiguous portio of your Nursing essay you earn delineate your artproduction from the museum in particular using provisions well-informed in dispose (ie. carving in the spherical, complementary perversions, etc.). You earn original delineate the arrange and then oration the conquering (iconography, truth, etc.). You may besides insufficiency to conference environing the artwork’s wisdom – how it may be a collective declaration or shows an innovative phraseology, for issue. In the repose of the Nursing essay you earn compare/contrast the artproduction to an artproduction that has been debateed in our dispose in Unit 1 (either in my Lectures or in the textbook). You should picked a production of art that is past harmonious than opposed (in provisions of harmonious spell limit and/or harmonious iconography). You earn debate how the productions are harmonious and then how they are opposed, mentioning at meanest 3 ways they are the identical and 3 ways they are opposed. You should transcribe at meanest one page for this similitude (five paragraphs). Remember, the best similitudes enjoy past harmoniousities than differences. The similitude should be from Unit 1. The Nursing essay should be double-spaced and 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Arial and a insufficiency of 1000 say. Your Nursing essay must enclose a Works Cited page at the end after a while at meanest 3 after a whileout sources (the dispose lectures and textbook don't compute). You must enclose images of your museum artproduction and your similitude artwork. You may connect irrelative images of your separated artworks as .jpg files or the images can be embedded quickly into the Nursing essay. I DO NOT ACCEPT .odt files or .wps files or google docs. I sanction .jpg, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .pages files ONLY Worth 150 points. 1. Insufficiency 1000 say. Only the assemblage of the Nursing essay computes towards this vocable fitness (not the style, your indicate or Works Cited). 2. Your pickeded museum artproduction was created betwixt 1945 - 1975. 3. A similitude artproduction from dispose is enclosed (from Unit 1). Talk environing 3 ways the similitude is the identical and 3 ways it is opposed. 4. Works Cited page is enclosed at the end of your Nursing essay. Include a insufficiency of 3 without sources (other than the Lectures and the textbook). 5. Images of your museum artproduction and your similitude artproduction are enclosed. 6. For 10 points Extra Trustworthiness -- a Selfie of yourself after a while the artproduction at the museum is enclosed. 7. Your Nursing essay is not plagiarized. ·  thorough description of the separated artproduction using at meanest 5 glossary provisions correctly  Terms 3: actualism, impressionism, complementary perversions, Avant-garge artist, En plein-ari, Post-impressionism, Unmodulated perversion, Primitivism, Expressionism, Fauvism, Arabesque, cantilever, Ferroconcrete, German expressionism, Cubism, analytic cubism, synthetic cubism, collage technique Victoria extension. Terms 4, Purism, De Stijl, Bauhaus, surrealism 9: formless surrealism & shadowy surrealism  Trompe L’oeil, Regionalism, Formless Expressionism: Gustural Abst. & Chromatic Abst.  Existentialism, Rectilinear ·   thorough similitude/contrast to an delayhold artproduction thoughtful in dispose ·  thorough discovery of pickeded production of art ·  Works Cited page in becoming arrangeat after a while insufficiency of 3 after a whileout sources ·  organization, clarity, grammar and presentation ·  meet the insufficiency required number of say (1000) ·  enclose images of museum artproduction and similitude artwork ·  Select an artproduction created betwixt 1945 - 1975