Assignment: Financial Accounting 2

Adjusting Entries  Activity Context Revisit the MBA6014 Road Alignment Map to resurvey how all activities succor you in achieving the road competencies and overall program outcomes.  Activity Instructions  This assignment addresses the contact of adjusting entries on financial statements and achieve acceleration you to reveal your construction of exuberant fruits, exuberant outlay, accrued fruits, and accrued outlay, as well-behaved-behaved as your construction of the accounting entries that chronicles these items in the accounting regularity.  Complete P4-7 (page 209) and CP4-2 (page 217) from Chapter 4 of your Financial Accounting textbook. (see passion) Submission Requirements All inherent assignments must be completed on the Microsoft Excel templates granted. Create one effortbook after a while multiple tabs, servile each example's template onto a disconnected tab and completing the effort there. Submit this one improve in the assignment area. Conceive your spectry and the assignment calculate in the improve spectry; to-boot conceive your spectry and the example calculate on each tab of the instrument. All effort should be shown. Assignments must not be submitted as a PDF. Refer to the scoring influence for this assignment to fix that you encounter the grading criteria. Note that one scoring influence is used to evaluate twain of the examples in this assessment; each measure in the scoring influence relates to one or twain of the examples near.  Resources  o Adjusting Entries Scoring Guide.  o CP4-2 template.  o P4-7 template.  o MBA6014 Road Alignment Map